mardi 23 mars 2010

Simple Minds - New gold dream (BM Edition)

01 Someone, somewhere in summertime
02 Colours fly and catherine wheel
03 Promised you a miracle
04 Big sleep
05 Somebody up there likes you
06 New gold dream
07 Glittering prize
08 Hunter and the hunted
09 King is white and in the crowd
10 Promised you a miracle (12inch)

11 Theme for great cities
12 Seeing out the angel
13 Glittering prize (club mix)
14 New gold dream (12inch german remix)
15 Glittering prize (theme)
16 Someone, somewhere in summertime (DreamTime Mix v2.0)
17 King is white and in the crowd (session version)
18 Soundtrack for every heaven

New gold

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